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Cazenovia Recovery Systems

WordPress Website for Addiction Recovery Non-Profit

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The non-profit organization Cazeneovia Recovery provides rehabilitation programs for individuals with substance use disorders. They specialize in residential substance use treatment which provides effective and ongoing care for those who are a part of their programs, literally allowing them to live in designated communities which are dedicated to their well-being and recovery. Lossless Creative Studio was able to work with them to redesign their website to better communicate their message of hope and more effectively feature what makes their program unique.


As is often the case, the implementation of a newly designed logo was what prompted Cazenovia Recovery to consider their website  redesign. The new logo featured more modern typography, the introduction of the mountain peak motif which represents the successful journey their residents must take during rehabilitation, and brand a brand new color palette of yellow, gold, and purple - a vast change from the previously green color scheme. In addition to the updated visual presentation, the organization was looking to humanize their mission to the public while also promoting their strengths to potential donors. 

Every resident who engages in one of their programs has a unique story of what brought them there, and what ongoing recovery looks like for them. For those residents who consented, we were able to feature their image and first name in a prominent area of the homepage. Users can click through to read their story and see how being in one of the programs was helpful to them. For an organization like Cazenovia Recovery, this is what rehabilitation is all about, the continuing process of recovery. Along with this, they are one of the only programs in their region to offer many of the outpatient resources and residential services. Part of the redesign was restructuring the layout of the site to call attention to these services and make it clear that it is something unique they offer.


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